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You might or might not be interested in this:

Configuring PowerDNS Bind backend to do TSIG
gplayer -GStreamer at your fingertips
HowTo: Debian GNU/Linux on a DockStar
A very short writeup about chaining shell redirections
ds1307 - a driver for the - guessed it - DS1307 RTC
Tinity - make long urls short!
Various code snippets (all but the kernel-color patch is copyright by me)

If you want to mail me:
echo "tuhuje@tucnkxk.cy" | perl -pe 'y/a-z/u-za-t/'

I like getting encrypted mail. The Key is also available at the usual key servers.
Fingerprint: C010 C265 2155 26D7 32A4 0D23 E4E3 8663 395C 5110


Also, I am a participant in the sublab hackerspace project which is providing a hackerspace to the city of Leipzig, Germany.

Did you know that 29L6929 IBM93 A28001PR is the marking on one of the Chips of the IBM 4758 crypto coprocessor? Neither did I and neither did google.